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Tell us a few reasons why you loved sass & bide.

As a designer, it is an amazing brand to work for - creating without boundaries, imagining the most exciting clothes and accoutrement, and letting all the most beautiful things in the world inspire our work.

Some favourite sass & bide pieces you have designed.

From the archive – hand crochet and hammered silk dress, the very embellished and embroidered dresses with mirrors and shells, and recently the sequin stripe suit from Amante Amour.

Why does style matter?

It is a constantly changing expression of who we are, and something that is instantly shared as we step outside each morning. It can change our mood, bring humour and fun to an otherwise ordinary day, and can transport us to another time or world.

How has your style changed?

When I moved from Europe to Sydney 9 years ago I embraced the freedom that comes with not having to dress for warmth! Dressing more for decoration than to protect against the cold allowed a lot more fun in my wardrobe. Also, when I became a mamma a few years ago I realised what a luxury it is to have time (and occasions!) to get dressed up. I like to get really glamorous on the few occasions I have to indulge.

Who are a couple of women whose style you most admire?

Giovanna Battaglia – for her love of sequins, feathers and casual glamour.
Natalie Joos – for her love of colour and print.
The founders of sass & bide – for their unique and effortless style.

What’s the most exciting thing happening now in the world of culture?

Nick Cave the artist announcing a big show in 2017 in Sydney. His work combines serious topical themes with amazing visual creativity.


HOLIDAY: A weekend in Paris, followed by a week in Corsica – that would be amazing right now!

PIECE IN YOUR WARDROBE: The checkered taffetta coat from 2004 collection 'Rainbows for Kate'.

PLACE: Anywhere near the water – in Sydney that is Elizabeth Bay or Pittwater.

CAFE: Cafe st Regis, Ile St Louis, Paris – many good memories of incredible hot chocolates for breakfast, and glasses of rose for aperitif.

ARTIST: Nick Cave the artist.

DESIGNER: Antonio Gaudi - architect.


How long have you worked for sass & bide and what do you most love about the brand?

After seven years I’m still amazed at the level of creativity of the people who work here. Every season new ideas are developed and turned into great clothes. Always ahead of the curve and an intelligence toward fashion history and its place in the modern world.

Some highlight sass & bide pieces you have designed & why?

Spring Fall 2014 - Gallery - contour jacket and corset – a new departure point for sass & bide and a new technique that we rocked!
Spring Fall 2016 - Amante Amore - Gallery- queen of the night dress- cool, sexy, innovative and luxurious.
Resort 2016 – Palais Grand - Ready to Wear - Follow the Leader Two Pennies Skirt and New Waves Top – as a pattern maker this was interesting to make and the stripes are a staple that we reinterpret each season.

What is style?

Dressing for your shape and your personality in the most creative way you can while still feeling comfortable.

Why does style matter and how would you describe your style? 

It doesn’t matter and it shouldn’t – do what you want with confidence and forget the rest.
Mixed media- nothing is off limits.

How has your style changed?

As I get older I try to find quality and interest more than price and popularity.

What’s the most exciting thing happening now in the world of culture?

Reinvention of all attitudes and style. Moving forwards often involves looking backwards first.


STYLE ICON: Vivienne Westwood- the inventor of rethinking garments.

HOLIDAY: Paris - shopping, eating, wandering and more eating... and more shopping.

PIECE IN YOUR WARDROBE: My oxblood Lanvin boots.

PLACE: Greenwich market in London-vintage military, antiques and honey ice cream crepes.

RESTAURANT: Not telling – you’ll go there and i’ll never get a seat, every where is good if you are with great people.

ARTIST: Too many to mention- but if i had to, Picasso’s "Guernica” is very moving, if dark.

BUILDING: The Sagrada Famillia by Gaudi in Barcelona.




What is style?

Style is expressing yourself straight from the soul and marching to the beat of your own drum.

Why does style matter?

Because you get to be the star and creator of your own world and essence of being… …you can play with it, adapt it, use it as a disguise, an armour, or as unique statement and formulation of self. It’s a beautiful visual reflection that transcends words and language.

How would you describe your style?

'Laid back beach gothic'. My style is always a direct reflection of how I feel in a particular moment. I can go from a very casual and relaxed vibe to super done up, stitched up. I like to play with mixes in fabrication, texture, silhouette & proportion rather than print and colour.

How has your style changed?

Quite dramatically! It definitely used to be a lot more wild in my colourful teenage years. I was into some crazy clashing, now I am much more minimalistic and tonal.

why do you love sass & bide?

The freedom of creativity in design. sass & bide product always pushes beyond the boundaries of the norm and as a designer you really get to work with a 3-dimensional vision. It’s rarely as simple as just a basic shape and fabrication. I love the element of exploring the craft aspect of the clothing, pushing for new and interesting techniques. The artisanal approach ensures that the possibilities are endless & the constant evolution of the product and sass & bide style also keeps it exciting.

Who are a couple of women whose style you most admire?

Rooney Mara, Tasya Van Ree, Jane Birkin, Marlene Dietrich, Hanne Gaby Odiele.


ICON: Erykah Badu.

HOLIDAY: I Really want to go to Iceland.

PIECE IN YOUR WARDROBE: Vintage Vivienne Westwood black wool coat.

PLACE: A remote barn style house my dad built in Wollombi, it’s totally off the grid.

RESTAURANT: A little seafood restaurant I went to once near Saint Malo in the north of France.

ARTIST: Salvador Dali Forever. What an amazing human.

BUILDING OR DESIGNER: Gothic castles , Alexander McQueen and The Row.




What is style?

Style to me is a confidence to just be yourself. To know who you are, be comfortable in your own skin. I always find the most stylish women are the ones who can be both the most intriguing woman in a room, but can also laugh out loud at herself!

Why does style matter?

Style doesn’t matter per say, but knowing who you are and being comfortable to be yourself is something all women should try on for size. Don’t try too hard to define yourself, style should be about expressing yourself - exploring and playing.

How would you describe your style?

My style does evolve, and in the true nature of sass & bide, sometimes it's nice to just play and try new things. Never restrict yourself or try to hard to define yourself. Although there are always things I feel most like myself in. There is definitely a simplicity to my style, yet the devil is in the detail. I like to play with the unexpected in terms of proportion and layering. There is definitely a Masculinity and a sense of ease. I love deconstructing the masculine, to make it seem feminine and effortless.

How has your style changed?

Definitely as I have got older I have learnt what suits me and my body and try to buy accordingly. When you’re younger you want to fit into certain things but you soon realise to work with what you’ve got! You also appreciate quality, fabrics, cut and finished. I've learnt to invest in your pieces, and buy things that you know you will continue to get excited to wear.

Who are a couple of women whose style you most admire?

There are so many!!
Leandra Medine – for her playful approach to unexpected proportions and an effortlessly cool, masculine vibe.
Caroline de Maigret – for her quintessential cool Frenchie chic.
Isabella Manfredi – for being so talented and such an effortlessly modern approach to style.
Iris Apfel – for being fabulous, her playful approach to fashion and never taking herself to seriously.

What’s the most exciting thing happening now in the world of culture?

As much as its scary to think that people voted Donald Trump in because they wanted a change to the conventional. I think it is definitely a feeling shared on a global scale. More people have a social conscious, and are questioning the status quo in all disciplines. It is the ones who get creative with their passions for change that are inspiring to watch.

What inspired you for the New Agendas Print for Resort ’16?

A fresh new take on a stripe, so we came up with these ‘deconstructed’, ‘wrapping ribbon’ stripes

What do you love about the pieces in the New Agendas print?

I love how easy they are to wear. You can wear the look head to toe, clash it back with other prints of the season. It’s just really versatile. The shapes really collapse and fall, so the wrapping and folded nature of the print gets exaggerated by the silhouettes.

What are you styling tips for each of the pieces in the print?

Wear them together for the whole look!

Sum up your summer style in 3 words…

White on white.


ICON: Miss Dinsmoor in the 1998 version of Great expectations. Who doesn’t want to be a fabulous eccentric, mincing around an incredible mansion with a martini in hand.

HOLIDAY: Anywhere I can just watch and wonder.

PIECE IN YOUR WARDROBE: My Vintage YSL navy and cream blazer I bought in Paris.

PLACE: Under the water.

RESTAURANT: Cafe at the Top of the Dover Street Market in London. Good people watching & magazine reading in a space celebrating all things creative.

ARTIST: Hard questions, so many for different reason…. of the greats Miro, Picasso …. I love the sculpture Fausto Melotti.

BUILDING OR DESIGNER: Frank Gehry - love that Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao.